Original Songs

Rachel has been writing songs for many years and has so far released two albums of original songs on her Teacup Music label. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her songwriting, including a Johnny Dennis Music Award, Top 5 and Top 10 finalist nominations in the MusicOz Awards for the songs Sunny Wings and Screaming Alone from the album Bright Window, and a nomination for the MusicOz APRA Songwriter Award.

Rachel Gaudry Leaving Traces album cover
Rachel Gaudry Bright Window album cover

Leaving Traces

Featuring evocative piano-playing, funky Rhodes, gorgeous vocals and sensitively-styled songs, Rachel Gaudry’s critically-acclaimed debut album Leaving Traces was released in Australia in 2001, followed by a North American release of the album by Virt Records in 2002. It was also later released in Taiwan by Noble Music.

The album is a striking collection of ten lush, melodic pop gems. The finely-crafted songs combine catchy pop melodies, lush acoustic textures and evocative piano. From the stirring first track Take Me To Ride to the tribal beats of Come Away to the gorgeous ballad When Fortune Has Gone Dry, the recurring themes are of love, leaving and escape, hence the album’s title.


Leaving Traces was produced by ex-Zappa drummer Chad Wackerman and also features James Muller (guitar), Mark Punch (guitar), Naomi Star (backing vocals) and Leon Gaer (bass). All compositions on Leaving Traces were written by Rachel Gaudry, except track 7, lyrics by R.Gaudry, music by R.Gaudry/C.Wackerman.


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"Crystal-voiced singer-songwriter... spinning poetic ballads with quirky choruses" - Rolling Stone


"Rachel’s voice caresses her lyrics as evocatively as she plays piano… It's all about building atmosphere without forgetting the space between, the silences that can be so telling, the momentary pause that cuts right to the heart... that’s songwriting and arranging of a very high order indeed, yet it's all done in a way that makes it seem effortless. Reflective, occasionally sad, rocky even, Rachel brings a lightness of touch to her songs that gives them an underlying sense of hope, of release, of blue skies..." - Drum Media


"A poetic singer-songwriter with a promising career ahead of her" - Performing Songwriter

Bright Window

Bright Window is Rachel Gaudry's second album, released in 2003. The album features beautifully sensuous pop melodies with searching lyrics of hope, personal discovery and finding a place to rest comfortably. Sunny Wings, Moving On and Everywhere You Go conjure up lazy summer days and succeed in sewing together the appealing yet often elusive combination of raw honesty and hit potential. Screaming Alone launches into a pumping Rhodes-fuelled groove, a thoroughly contemporary take on the blues. Shiver is a quiet and heartfelt ballad delivered in lilting vocals with piano and strings accompaniment. A gorgeous folky piano instrumental Irish Boy Sweet closes the album and completes the journey.

Produced by guitarist, songwriter and producer Sam Hawksley, Bright Window features a lineup of first class musicians including drummer Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa), guitarists Ben Butler (Jonatha Brooke, Jane Siberry, Dar Williams) and Sam Hawksley (Olivia Newton John, John Farnham), with bassist Leon Gaer and pianist Bill Risby.

All compositions on Bright Window were written by Rachel Gaudry, except Sunny Wings and Brand New Day by R.Gaudry/S.Hawksley, and Train by R.Gaudry/S.Hawksley/L.Perryman.


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"Beauty and clarity... sensuous pop melodies" - Drum Media


"As attractive as her voice is, it's the flow of Rachel Gaudry's songs that is immediately attractive. There are no visible joins in the construction to distract the listener from the dreamy combinations of words and music... Gaudry's voice is a cool breeze, rising in the country and blowing intimacy and intrigue through the lovingly crafted songs." - Sydney Morning Herald


"Rachel Gaudry has a gorgeous voice - malleable and exotic... Rachel finds herself surrounded by a coterie of fine musicians concocting cinematic moments of avant-garde fervor on Screaming Alone as well as a groove of optimism on the acoustic Sunny Wings" - www.panartist.com

1. Take Me To Ride, Leaving Traces

2. Come Away, Leaving Traces

3. Don't Push Me In, Leaving Traces

4. Everywhere You Go, Bright Window

5. Sunny Wings, Bright Window

6. Moving On, Bright Window